Frequently asked questions

What is WavBay?

WavBay is an online platform where content creators can download sound effects for their videos and content. We are 3 sound designers who try and provide as much varied sounds catered to the different types of niches. If you have any requests for specific sounds or soundbanks that could be useful for your content, please reach out and give us your suggestions!

How much does WavBay cost?

WavBay has free construction kits as well as affordable Designed Soundpacks filled with unique and highly processed sound effects. Each soundpack will indicate its cost (varying between $10 and $100) or if they are free.

What is a Construction Kit?

Construction Kits are packs of raw sounds and samples we’ve created and recorded in which we use to create our Designed Soundpacks. 
i.e. The Simple Dro1ds Construction Kit are the raw recordings used to create the sounds in the Simple Dro1ds Designed Soundpack.

Why WavBay ?

Key differences from other online soundbanks:
* Small team, so we personally cater to ever users audio needs
* We create ready-to-use themed soundpacks that are designed for specific niches
* All soundpacks come with a construction kit pack (raw recordings) and can be used for personal or commercial use (see our Terms and Conditions)

Why do I need to provide personal information even if a soundpack is free?

We require the user’s email to better understand who are users are, what they need or want in terms of sounds, and what kind of industries can benefit the most from our platform.

Who uses WavBay?

Our top users are online content creators (Youtubers, vloggers etc.) however our sounds are great for music artists, multimedia projects, apps, and websites. Please feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to know how we can help make your project sound top-notch.